A small space colony sends out a call for help. The evil Klaxonians have attacked, and only you can save the day! Blast enemy ships while flying around a small star system dominated by a ring world.


  • [Tab] or click screen to lock your mouse so it can be used for ship rotation
  • [w] increases thrust
  • [s] reverses thrust
  • Hold [Shift] while under thrust to boost (sprint)
  • Light click or [f] for plasma cannon
  • Right click or [r] for photon blaster (slower projectile but more damage)
  • Hold [c] to scan and highlight where the Klaxonian ships are
  • [Space] activates your shield temporarily (using up any available power)


  • There is some friction (due to space dust), but not much, so you'll need to control your velocity to maintain some control.
  • It is easier to accurately hit enemies while you're not moving -- but they'll hit you more often too.
  • You'll need to shoot one of the floating cargo boxes in order to get all the parts needed to win.

Submitted to Gamedev.js for the 13k challenge. Final zip file size: 13,232 bytes.

Thanks to Xem for his "W" framework, and KilledByAPixel for ZzFX. Color palettes used are Arjibi8 and Moondrom.


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This is impressive for a 13kb game. The controls are challenging, thought I think it's part of the game design. I think there's a lot of potential to finesse this into something bigger