Due to the success of previous reptilians running for public office, you've decided to run for president. The only thing holding you back is your itchy human-suit, and it's tendency to decompose, exposing your true, alien shape. Luckily using the LASERs on your UFO it should be easy to harvest more human-suits; hopefully this won't make the humans panic too much.

  • Left/Right/A/D = Movement
  • Tab = beam up/down from UFO
  • Space = give speech or fire UFO laser to collect human-suit
  • Green/Red/Blue bar = voter decisions (you are green)
  • Brown bar = The durability of your human-suit
  • Orange bar = The level of fear among the citizens

Return to your ship to use one of your human-suits to shapeshift back into a human.

To win: Get over 50% of the vote for the Reptilian Illuminati Party!

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