You are a poor dwarf sent off on a perilous quest to bring a magical sunstone to the bottom level of old dwarven mines. What danger will you find?

This game follows the traditional roguelike formula of questing to the bottom of a dungeon. Some new elements of gameplay are represented in the Abilities which can be readied with various replenishable points (AP, BP, EP). Once readied, your abilities will activate based on certain criteria (typically getting attacked or attacking), and their effects will take place. The points that fuel your abilities will come back over time with some resting.

Due to the constraints of 7DRL there's not much in the way of equipment, but there is an inventory, and one important instance of crafting will be essentially for staying alive. Various monster types can be found as you delve deeper into the dungeon, each with their own sensory range and hit points.

Development log